Happy Halloween from 5th Class!

Happy holidays everyone! Hope you have great fun dressing up and eat lots of sweets when you’re Trick or Treating next week 🙂 We had great fun building and programming different robots them during Maths Week, you can see them all in this short video. We’re looking forward to more fun

STEM in 5th Class

5th class have been really enjoying using the BeeBots and Lego WeDo kits to hone their problem solving skills. Programming the BeeBots to navigate around different mazes, working out how to get the digital bee to his flower and writing our own codes to get the bots to draw different 2D shapes were b

Letter writing

This month 5th Class have been working on the theme of letter writing. They have looked at formal and informal letters and the structure that goes with them.  We then decided to put that knowledge to good use and wrote letters to famous Irish people in a hope of getting a response.  The ki