Paper Roller Coasters

This week in Science we were learning about forces and energy. He did experiments using slopes and studying the effects of gravity. We then took on a STEM project (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) where we built our own Paper Roller Coasters based on what we learned in Science. We had som

4th Class China Project

This month 4th class have been studying the country of China, it’s culture and it’s history. We learned how Chinese writing is formed and researched the Shang Dynasty who reigned in China during the Bronze age. Check out some of our research projects below.  

Coding In 4th Class

This month fourth class having been having a small introduction to coding in the classroom. Coding involves lots of important mathematical skills such as shape and space, sequences, algebra, measurements, time, decimals, percentages , co-ordinates and advanced locigial thinking skills. It ties toget

Geography with Minecraft

This week 4th Class were learning about the features of rivers, by creating their own river on Minecraft. Pupils explained various aspects of the river such as a source, waterfalls, v-shaped valleys, meanders and ox bow lakes. Check out some of our work below and the Kahoot we created to learn more

4th Class Picasso Study

For the month of September, 4th Class have been studying the works of Pablo Picasso and Cubism. The pupils first tried to draw portraits in the style of Picasso and the Weeping Woman learning how Picasso liked to exaggerate shape and mix different viewpoints. The pupils then continued to experiment