Trip to the Garda Station

Junior and Senior Infants paid a visit to the Garda Station in Balbriggan today. Although the bus proved to be a huge highlight, the excitement grew when we saw the station. We were welcomed by everyone in the station from all the guards on duty, the detective, traffic warden, Sergeant to the Superi

Animal Fun

This month we are exploring the theme of animals during Aistear. In our role play, we are treating sick animals in the vet and giving them injections and lots of cuddles to make them feel better. We are setting up a farm in our small world area and giving animals some cool patterns using playdough.

Art in Junior Infants

We love doing lots of Art in Junior Infants! Our themes this month were Weather and Animals. We made snowmen from clay and gave them some funky scarves. We also made some penguins from old toilet rolls and some polar bears using cotton wool and white paint. We really hope you like all our art! 

Science Week

Junior Infants had great fun doing some Science experiments for Science Week! We did two experiments in the class. We did the Dancing Raisins experiment and saw that the raisins sank to the bottom of a glass of water but when we put the raisins in some 7UP they began to dance around! It was [&hellip

Maths Week in Junior Infants

Junior Infants have really enjoyed Maths week so far! The boys and girls have loved the extra visits to the hall where we have had great fun with Maths. There was a competition to see who could make the longest snake and tallest tower. It was a very close competition! We had a colour hunt […]