So long Chuck…..

After an eventful couple of weeks in school it was time to say goodbye to our chickens. Without a doubt this is one of the best things we have done in the school. The sheer enjoyment, amazement and interest displayed by our students towards the chickens has surpassed all expectations.  From see

Chicken Watch – Day 4

Well……. Granny Browne’s chicks are flying it. We have the most beautiful collection of chickens. The children are amazed by the different colours of the chickens with our yellow ones being very popular.  The chickens have found out how to water and feed themselves and can be s

School Spinathon Fundraiser

On Saturday the 18th of June we are holding our fundraising Spinathon in Aura Leisure Centre, Drogheda. The event will take take place from 9am – 6pm and will involve people participating in a spin classes on the hour every hour. There will be 9 classes available to choose from on the day. All